The administration of ESI is carried out by the ESI bureau of IAPH.

Activities of the ESI bureau (incorporated into the automated data base operation)

  • Confirming receipt of self declarations (SDs) of ships regarding their ESI index.
  • Informing the suppliers of the ESI self declaration (SD) of the result of the consequent calculation of the ESI Score. The number of points, established by the web based tool, is inextricably connected to a particular ship and will remain available for such ship.
  • Making available on the public section of the ESI website ships data such as:
    • Name.
    • IMO identification number.
    • Owner/operator/manager.
    • Verified number of ESI Points including distribution over the parameters (based on SD).
    • Period of validity of such points.
  • Making available on the public section of the website, a description of the system in a general form, the names of the ships that have submitted a SD and providing such data on the incentives systems as has been authorized by the organizations that provide such incentives.