The Terms of Use in section 10.4 outline the procedures for auditing the Ship’s Data that have been provided by Data Providers (Ship Owners) and that are used to calculate the ESI Scores. The audits may be in the form of administrative checks of data provided and/or on board ship or in office inspections of data provided including documents pertaining thereto.

On request an Incentive Provider (IP) may be granted the right to audit the data that are used to calculate the ESI scores of vessels that have been or will be included in the incentive program of that IP. For that purpose the IP may select a person (auditor) with a sound knowledge of and experience at inspections of sea- going vessels; after selection the auditor will have to be authorized by the ESI Administrator to perform audits. Further details on the procedure for the execution of audits are included in the Incentive Provider’s part of this web site.